Shay Mitchell Bumps Heads With Boyfriend Over Getting Epidural During Labor

In a sneak peak of her YouTube series 'Almost Ready', the former 'Pretty Little Liars' star tries to reason with Matte Babel over the pain drugs she might request in the delivery room.

AceShowbiz - Pregnant Shay Mitchell and her boyfriend Matte Babel are at odds over the pain drugs she might request during labour.

The former "Pretty Little Liars" star wants to be free to choose an epidural if she struggles in the delivery room, but Babel is so anti-drugs he'd rather she give birth completely naturally.

In a sneak peak at the couple's YouTube Original Series "Almost Ready", obtained by E News!, Matte says, "Am I partial to no epidural? Yes. Why? Because I'm a hypochondriac. I'm afraid of drugs. My mom didn't use an epidural. I meet women all the time who didn't choose to use an epidural."

Shay fires back, "Would you get a root canal without any drugs?", prompting her partner to respond, "You love that analogy... A root canal is not comparable because you're not born to go through a root canal. As a woman, your body is genetically engineered to give birth."

Mitchell kept her pregnancy news out of the spotlight for six months after suffering a miscarriage in 2018. She is due at the end of this month.

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