Baby Mama Accuses Freddie Gibbs of Trying to Murder Her and Son

The woman, who goes by the name 'rae' on Twitter, starts her claims by accusing the 'Shadow of a Doubt' spitter of neglecting his son for the first year at all because he 'was mad.'

AceShowbiz - Rapper Freddie Gibbs has been accused of something serious. The musician's baby mama recently took to her Twitter account to allege that the rapper was trying kill her.

In some screenshots posted on Reddit, the woman, who goes by the name "rae" on the micro-blogging site, started to accuse Freddie of neglecting his son because he "was mad." She wrote, "let's be clear, i'm not telling delete Freddie Gibbs music, i'm just not biting my tongue about the type of person/father he is anymore. do to suit yourself."

She then explained, "i asked my son's father why he refused to attend the birth or be a part of his child's life he was 6 mos old and compelled by the law to do so. his response? 'i was mad.' don't bother. closure ain't worth it."

A follower called him "horrible," but apparently that was nothing compared to other things Freddie, who signed with Interscope Records in 2006, allegedly did to her. That was when she claimed that Freddie once threatened to murder both her and their son Ethan. "lol wait till you hear the part where he has a restraining order against him for sending n****a to kill me and his son, grab your popcorn," she said.

In separate tweets, Rae explained that she named her son at birth, not the Indiana musician. "his dad asked to have his name changed and i complied when our son was 9 months old," she added. She went on sharing that "Freddie Gibbs wasn't in his sons life for the first year at all because he chose not to be."

"I had to sue him in child support court first," she continued. "he showed up after 6 mos & refused to take a court ordered DNA test to avoid child support responsibility."

Freddie, who once served jail time in Austria for sexual assault, has yet to comment on the accusations.

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