Jay-Z Roasted for Tapping Meghan Trainor as Performer at NFL Social Justice Concert

Some people are disappointed because the hip-hop mogul chooses the 'All About That Bass' singer instead of his wife Beyonce for the concert that will take place on September 5.

AceShowbiz - Jay-Z might need to rethink his decision on who will be performing at the upcoming "Inspire Change" concert. Following the announcement that the headliners will include Meek Mill and Meghan Trainor, many sound off about why the music mogul thinks Meghan is a great choice to perform at the social justice concert instead of a black singer.

Using a GIF from "America's Next Top Model" to express his/her confusion, one wrote, "Jay Z's idea of ending the NFL's ongoing racism is to.... put on a concert with Meghan Trainor as a headliner?" Another said, "How all the Jay Z apologist now look now that the news of 'Meghan Trainor' being one of the faces of the NFL's Social Justice white wash. Stevie Wonder could see this was a scam to line Jay's pocket and help mute the controversy around Kap."

"Meghan Trainor was Jay-Z's plan to end systemic oppression?" one other seemed to be in disbelief, as an upset individual wrote, "Meghan Trainor aka the b***h who made a song about how she wants to serve her husband and looks fresh out of the 1950s is gonna teach us about change and ending racism?" Another user sarcastically quipped, "Jay Z obviously knew black people and Meghan Trainor's shared love of bass is exactly what would unite us all."

Some others were disappointed that Jeezy did not tap his wife Beyonce Knowles instead. "Meghan Trainor ???? Jay couldn't get Beyonce ???" a person wondered. "Beyonce did not bless us with Lemonade, Homecoming and The Gift for her husband to say Meghan Trainor will inspire social justice change! Alexa, draw up divorce papers then play Ether," someone else said.

Jeezy has yet to respond to the backlash.

On Friday, August 30, it was announced that Meek, Meghan and hip-hop rapper Rapsody would be performing in Grant Park in Chicago on September 5, before the season-opening game. The concert will also have a charity component, serving local organizations BBF Family Services and Crusher Club.

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