'LHH: Hollywood' Star Moniece Slaughter Drags Ex Lil Fizz for Making Fun of Her 'ADHD'

In a bonus clip, the B2K member and his rumored girlfriend Apryl Jones make fun of Moniece's past health issue, saying, 'Oh, I forgot. She passed out the last time she was in the studio.'

AceShowbiz - It seems like Moniece Slaughter has had it enough with her baby daddy Lil Fizz, especially when the latter mocked her for her past health criris. The "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star didn't hesitate to blast the B2K member for his latest remarks about the matter in a bonus clip of the VH1 series called "Check Yourself".

The footage saw the boybander and his rumored girlfriend Apryl Jones talking about Moniece and Apryl attending a voice lesson, which was featured in Monday, August 26 episode. When the scenes appeared, Fizz joked, "It's always a vocal lesson it ain't never a studio session. Oh, I forgot. She passed out the last time she was in the studio."

Fizz was referring to the moment when Moniece was rushed to the hospital due to feeling faint while recording in the studio last year. The VH1 star later explained that it was because she had a bad reaction to some medicine that she was prescribed.

It didn't take long before Moniece hit back at Fizz for his comment about her medical issues. "Why are you always complaining every Monday? She loves to play victim. Why are you always depressed? She can't keep a man or a woman. She still wants her bd. She's this. She's that. She can't sing.Who would want a man like this? No woman of substance could ever be with that," she began her rant.

"As far as being a victim..I'm tough as nails. I can handle a whole hell of a lot. And I didn't open my mouth about what type of n***a he actually is, until this year! After 5 long seasons of s**t like this on and off camera," she continued. "I'm bound to fold at some point. Well ladies and gentlemen. Here you have it. Trigger NUMBER ONE this season that kicked off my depression. Down with baby mama storyline for the 6th season in a row."

Setting the records straight, Moniece went on saying, "For those of you that actually take pride in educating themselves. You can research my diagnosis. Situational Depression. Social Anxiety. ADHD. For which I began taking meds for last year. I had an adverse reaction to the medication because the dosage was too high. But completed an entire ALBUM AFTER I was healthy."

Moniece eventually deleted the post, but not before fans took notice of it. Most of her online devotees took her side and slammed Fizz for constantly disrespecting the mother of his child. People also criticized Apryl for dating Fizz despite her history with fellow B2K member Omarion.

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