Lil Xan Hits Back at Molestation Allegations, Says the 'Fan' Is His Girlfriend

Denying that he sexually harassed the girl in the circulating pictures, the 'Betrayed' hitmaker claims that the accusers were just trying to hurt his career.

AceShowbiz - Lil Xan has responded to allegations that he sexually harassed a female fan, days after pictures went viral showing him grabbing a woman's butt. On Sunday, August 18, the rapper took to Instagram to shut down the molestation claims.

"Are you guys f***ing serious? You think that's a fan!?" the 22-year-old said in a video with a straight face, despite his expletive-filled remarks. "Y'all saying I'm molesting a fan? That's a girl I'm talking to, you dumb a** motherf***ers."

Lil Xan said the girl in the pictures is someone he is seeing and "her name is Dani Toorish." He added, "I ain't molesting fans," claiming that "you guys just wanna do anything to try to hurt my f***ing career." The former boyfriend of Noah Cyrus repeated it in the caption, writing, "y'all just wanna see me fall."

Dani has also defended Lil Xan in a now-deleted Instagram video posted on her own account. She wrote in the caption, "[Stop] making dumb rumors about Diego that are so false. He's an amazing guy and if you saw the video you can clearly tell that we are hugging."

The pictures in question showed Lil Xan hugging the woman, who is now identified as Dani, outside a tattoo parlor in Los Angeles. During the embrace, the "Color Blind" rapper's hands roamed and grabbed her butt, before she took his hands off her bottom.

Lil Xan previously dated Annie Smith, following the end of his two-month relationship with Noah Cyrus. In February 2019, the hip-hop star, whose real name is Nicholas Diego Leanos, announced that he and then-fiancee Annie were expecting a child. Annie, however, revealed in April that she had a miscarriage.

He later hinted at troubles in their relationship as he doubted if Annie was ever pregnant. "I did not fake a pregnancy," he said in April, following fans' accusations that they lied about the pregnancy and miscarriage. "I saw two pregnancy tests with the line that said, 'You're pregnant,' and I was like, 'OK, so she's definitely pregnant.' But I didn't watch her pee."

"There's definitely things that are questionable," he added, though he insisted that he saw signs of pregnancy. "I did really start seeing a belly and s**t." He went on addressing their relationship at the time, "Don't get me wrong, I love Annie to death, but like it's complicated as f**k right now."

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