Watch Footage of NBA YoungBoy Getting Out of Jail After Arrest Over Probation Violation

Now that he has been released from prison, the 19-year-old Baton Rouge rapper is placed on house arrest for 14 months and must wear a GPS angle bracelet.

AceShowbiz - NBA YoungBoy (YoungBoy Never Broke Again) is finally breathing the fresh air. The Baton Rouge rapper was released from jail on Thursday morning, August 15 after serving 90 days prison sentence for violating probation.

Footage of the moment YoungBoy got out of jail had surfaced online, showing him walking out of the facility before behind hugged by his girlfriend Kay Marie. Celebrating his release, the 19-year-old spitter joined an Instagram Live with his friends who were there to pick him up.

Back on May 17, YoungBoy was taken into custody after a video surfaced showing him allegedly making violent threats on the day of the May 12 shooting that left one person and two others injured. Even though none of his team was charged in the shooting since they acted in self-defense, but the "Valuable Pain" rapper was arrested because he violated a probation that barred him from using social media.

YoungBoy is now placed on house arrest for 14 months. While on house arrest, he is not allowed to perform and must wear a GPS angle bracelet.

It's been a rough year for YoungBoy as his May arrest wasn't the only problem that he had with the law. In February, he and his baby mama Starr Thigpen were arrested at a hotel in Atlanta. At the time, the two were hanging out in a room that was supposed to be vacant. So when the housemaids entered the room, the rapper asked his baby mama to kick them out. However, Thigpen took things a little bit too far and attacked the maids. Shortly afterward, the police made their way to the hotel and arrested the two.

YoungBoy was hit three misdemeanor charges including use of fighting words, physical obstruction and possession of marijuana. Prosecutors didn't pursue the misdemeanor charges and they were released within one day.

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