After the 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' actress lets out a video of Adam Fannin praying for her violent demise, Pastor Jonathan Shelley claims the preacher has been fired from Stedfast Baptist Church.

AceShowbiz - Sarah Silverman is fearing for her life after she feuded with a pastor.

The comedian and actress shared a shocking video of extreme preacher Adam Fannin from the Stedfast Baptist Church in Florida on Twitter, in which he calls her a "God hating whore of Zionism" and prays for her violent demise.

Silverman, who is a practising Jew, released a statement on Thursday (August 08) to explain that Fannin was inspired by a social media troll who took one of her jokes out of context.

"It goes like this: Someone on the Right made a meme of a joke from Jesus is Magic, a comedy special I did in character, and presented it as if I was saying it at a press conference," the 48-year-old began.

"It's a picture of me with the quote 'I'm glad the Jews killed Jesus. I'd do it again!' And THAT is what triggered the pastor. So, the person who made the meme knew it was comedy and intentionally repurposed it as real, knowing it would influence a swath of people who would see it and share it everyday," the "Masters of Sex" star continued.

"And that's America today. Incitements of violence based on lies and the disingenuous re-framings of truth," Silverman added.

She captioned the video of Fannin's sermon on Twitter with a simple, yet haunting caption: "he is going to get me killed."

According to USA Today, Fannin has since been fired from the church.

His colleague, Pastor Jonathan Shelley, said in a video posted to the church's YouTube channel on Friday that Fannin was a "liar", but blasted Silverman as a "a big feminist...advocating for abortion" and made a death threat against the stand-up comedian.

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