NBA YoungBoy Blasted for His Nonchalant Reaction to Nipsey Hussle's Death

When asked by a female host how the late rapper's passing has affected him, the 19-year-old 'Valuable Pain' rapper answers, 'God bless his family, I guess.'

AceShowbiz - Peers in the hip-hop industry were grieving when Nipsey Hussle was shot to death earlier this year, but NBA YoungBoy (YoungBoy Never Broke Again) apparently wasn't among them. In results of that, he was criticized by a lot of social media users.

This all started after a leaked interview of YoungBoy was making its round on the Internet, showing a female host asking the rapper how Nipsey's death had impacted him. Since YoungBoy didn't personally know the late MC, he wasn't sure what to respond and decided to be honest when answering the question. He told the host, "I can't show fake love, I don't know him. But, God bless his family, I guess."

While his reaction was actually reasonable given that he wasn't acquainted with Nipsey, the "I guess" part in his answer rubbed people the wrong way. This is because it made it seem like he didn't care about Nipsey's passing at all. One individual pointed this out, " 'God bless his family....I guess' is in no way respectful. If that is an acceptable way to express condolences than (sic) this generation is lost." Another echoed, "The 'I guess' was Unnecessary."

One other offered a lengthy response, "I was ok everything till he added 'I guess.' His demeanor already showed he didn't give af and then made it clear after. So now it's insensitive. If y'all mom die (God forbid) and he say 'God bless ur family...I guess' to ya face bet y'all feel diff than these comments." Someone else also explained, "He showed pure disrespect first by walking away when someone's talking to you then gone say god bless his family I guess."

YoungBoy has yet to respond to the criticism.

Nipsey was shot to death outside his store Marathon Clothing in Los Angeles. He was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Southern California.

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