Camila Cabello on Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun's Feud: 'I Feel Her Frustration'

Joining a slew of fellow celebrities who support the 'Me!' hitmaker, the Cuban songstress says in a new magazine interview, 'I'm happy to be there for her as a person.'

AceShowbiz - Camila Cabello felt compelled to speak out in support of her pal Taylor Swift after the singer learned alleged "bully" Scooter Braun had snapped up her master recordings in a record label deal.

The "ME!" hitmaker was stunned when Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande's manager took control of her former label Big Machine - and with it the masters of her first six albums - and she made it clear she wasn't a fan of Scooter in an online blast.

Cabello joined the famous friends and fans who spoke out to support Taylor and now she tells Variety she felt her frustration.

"Someone in her position - which is, like, on another level - I can't imagine how many times she's been let down by people, or gotten disappointed by friends who were just using her, or people who just wanted to be friends with Taylor Swift or whatever," Camila says. "I'm happy to be there for her as a person, like, 'Even when it's not popular, I've got you. I'm, like, your real friend'."

"With the Scooter thing, I feel her frustration. Getting f**ked over like that and not being able to have her masters? That sucks. When you think about how artists have to slave to make these things, and then you don't own them, that is kind of a ridiculous concept."

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