'LHH' Star Tokyo Vanity Makes Fun of A1 Bentley's Sexuality Over Fat-Shaming Comment

During their online beef, the 'LHH: Hollywood' star's response is undoubtedly offensive, but Tokyo's clapback at him wasn't better either as she poked fun at A1's sexuality in a now-deleted post.

AceShowbiz - "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Tokyo Vanity and A1 Bentley are exchanging jabs on social media. The VH1 star was feuding with the "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star after he fat-shamed her in an Instagram comment.

The beef went down after Tokyo left a comment on "Love & Hip Hop" Instagram post featuring A1's interview. He talked about his style as well as his family whom he deemed "getting in the way" of his fame.

In the wide-ranging interview, the TV star also shared a message to his haters. "If I had to send a message out to my haters, I would say keep doing what you're doing...I love it," he said. Seemingly finding the interview bizarre, Tokyo wrote in the comment section, "Boy wdf."

Her comment apparently didn't sit well with A1, who later replied, "Fatty Labelle chill out." A1's response was undoubtedly offensive, but Tokyo's clapback at him over the fat-shaming remarks wasn't better either.

Taking to her own Instagram account, Tokyo poked fun at A1's sexuality and his unique fashion sense in a now-deleted post. "Now A1 if you don't get yo RICK James dresses a** on … you must have hit a bad bag of that Dope with yo broke TY DOLLA $ LOOKIN A**," she wrote.

"B***h I ain't even cut up on you in the comments and yo Aretha franklin lookin a** come on here trying to go hard … b***h on here lookin like a divorced auntie but talmbout me . Wash yo hands b4 you go in my pot dressed a**… boy you shaped like a melted snickers but on here talmbout me . All that fake a** jewelry on yo skin gonna turn the same color as that cheap a** jacket swifter duster lookin a** @a1bentley and b***h you had lipo bye queen," she continued.

A1 unsurprisingly didn't stay still after the diss. He fired back, writing, "@tokyoxvanity aka Rasputia aka Precious aka Big Shirley if you don't put that big a** Buffet Leg back in that Dumb a** dress! I wasn't even meant to Be split. You just started walking."

"home boy strong for lifting that big a** head up, I would have had to order a dolly. I ain't never seen anyone with Cellulite on they Chin you had to have paid this dude to do this. poor little Tink Tink I mean BIG Tink Tink.. I be minding my BUSINESS but yo Hungry a** just had to come for me," he added. A1 has since deleted his post too.

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