'LHH' Star Tokyo Vanity Shows Bleeding Head After Near-Fatal Accident

Alongside a photo of the reality TV star lying in a hospital bed, she turns her accident into a joke as saying, 'My bday trip was nothing short of amazing even though I almost died !'

AceShowbiz - Tokyo Vanity experienced not-so-nice things during her birthday trip. The reality TV star took to her Instagram account on Tuesday, September 29 to reveal that she almost died due to an accident that left with her bleeding head and scratches across her body.

In one post, Tokyo shared a photo of her lying in a hospital bed as blood could be seen on her pillow. She wrote along with the snap, "Side bar ! My bday trip was nothing short of amazing even though I almost died ! (God don't like ugly I almost went to hell today)." She followed it up with a snap of scratches on what appeared to be her belly. "B***h when I tell y'all I got dragged to hell today," she captioned the picture.

Tokyo didn't reveal what kind of accident she had during her birthday trip, though reports suggested that she fell off a 4 wheeler and one man broke his arm while trying to save her. She appeared to confirm this report by posting a photo of the said man sporting a cast on his arm. "This N***A broke his arm trying to save me ! Love you," she wrote underneath the photo.

Friends and followers have since wished her a speedy recovery, with one saying, "Girl, I'm glad you still here. Praying for a speedy recovery. Get well hunty." Meanwhile, another person said, "As long as you are alive there is still hope. jesus loves you beautiful! We're Glad God protect you!" Someone else commented, "Dang. Prayers to you and hope you get better soon."

There was also one follower who told her in the comment section, "I usually don't comment on celebrities pages but omg baby you was just enjoying your birthday I hope you get better love you deserve the best." On the other hand, an individual said, "Girllll I dont know what happened but glad u ok. praying for u and the fam ur 4ever blessed."

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