Alexis Skyy Addresses Reports of Her Getting Caught in a Brawl at Trouble's Pool Party

Besides the fight, the 'Love and Hip Hop: New York' star is facing backlash after she is seen in a video shoving a cucumber into another woman's vagina at the party.

AceShowbiz - This is definitely not the kind of development that Trouble is expecting when hosting a pool party. Over the weekend, a fight allegedly between Alexis Skyy and another woman broke out during the 31-year-old rapper's cucumber-themed bash that was called "Winners Only Pool Party".

Footage of the brawl has also made its way online, though it's hard to tell who were involved in the fight as the bash turned into a huge chaos with police attempting to calm the crowd down. However, according to those who attended the bash, Alexis was the one getting "beaten up" in the physical altercation.

Moreover, a girl who claimed to be involved in the fight updated her Instagram Stories feed with a post that read, "My phone broke ALLLLL my nails came OFF.... & this b***h snuck (sic) lmaoo weak a**hole mad cause I popped on her a** and trouble Weak asf For telling her to hit me." Even though she didn't name names in the post, many people assumed that the girl she was talking about was Alexis.

Her alleged fight was soon trending on social media, with many people demanding Alexis to address the altercation. She did just that during an Instagram Live session, denying that she was involved in the fight. "That was not me in the video. Y'all people [really like] to say anything like -- I got rolled down the hill, like what are y'all talking about?" she said.

The fight wasn't the only thing that made Alexis trend on social media. The "Love & Hip Hop: New York" star also faced backlash after a video from the party showed her shoving a cucumber into another woman's vagina. "I'm done with you after that cucumber s**t...," one disappointed fan said. "Wow I'm late but I just saw the video of Alexis Skyy, the stripper & the cucumber and … I got so uncomfortable so quick," one other said.

Responding to the backlash, Alexis defended herself by saying that the girl in the video is a pornstar and that she told her to do it. However, people were not buying it at all. "Okay y'all, her being a pornstar makes it okay," someone sarcastically said, as another commented, "She still took a L for that cucumber video doesn't matter if the girl told her to do it you a mother first."

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