Diplo Gives Fans Closer Look at Cracked Plane Window After Mid-Flight Scare

Making light of his terrifying journey, the 'Close to Me' DJ jokes that he was 'going to sit in the back and smoke toad venom and Vlog,' before referring to a scene in 'Almost Famous'.

AceShowbiz - Diplo has landed safely in Ohio after his airplane window cracked mid-flight.

The DJ shared the terrifying journey on Instagram on Saturday (August 03), as he flew to Columbus to perform a gig.

"My jet window just cracked open and the pilots are wearing masks so not sure ill make my shows tonight but they left the wifi on so I'm just going to sit in the back and smoke toad venom and Vlog. I just bought this cool vest in Dallas at a thrift store," he joked alongside a photos of the private jet he was flying on.

"Also i never told you this but I might by gay," Diplo added, referencing the scene in the movie "Almost Famous", in which the members of the fictional rock band Stillwater expose all their secrets when they fear that their plane is going to crash.

However, some of the 40-year-old's fans took his joke too literally.

"Ok so we landed in Colombus and everyone asked me if I was gay not if I was safe just FYI (for your information)," Diplo commented on his own post.

He later shared an update on his Instagram Stories, telling his fans that he had survived, and gave his followers a closer look at the scary cracks in the plane window.

Diplo Landed Safely After Mid-Flight Scare

Diplo assures he's okay after his airplane window cracked mid-flight.

"I'm still breathing," he wrote. "I'm OK."

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