Barack Obama Defended by Fans for Following Porn Star on Twitter
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The former president of the United States causes quite a stir on Internet after it's revealed that adult film star Sara Jay is among more than 600,000 people he's following on Twitter.

AceShowbiz - Barack Obama is no longer the president of the United States, but his every move still catches a lot of attention. Most recently, the former Illinois state senator caused an online frenzy after it's revealed that his official Twitter account is following a porn star.

Caucasian adult film star Sara Jay is surprisingly among more than 600,000 people that Obama follows on Twitter. While some people seemed to be shocked, several anti-Obama Twitter users were expecting more to be exposed from their supposed interaction. "Waiting for those DMs to be leaked," one wrote.

But many others have come to Obama's defense. Most of them believe that it's not the former POTUS himself who runs the account or it must have followed back people who followed his Twitter account automatically.

"He's following 615,000+ people - even me. He or his team or some bot linked to his account used to follow everyone back who followed him. This is not a big deal at all," one explained. "Doesn't his account automatically follow a lot of people back, anyway? People are really blowing this out of proportion."

Another blamed Twitter for this, "Twitter come fix your app. Don't get Mr. Obama in no trouble, please. You know what happened to Mr. Bill Clinton. Obama is not in office no more. He does not need this. Thank you."

Some others think it's not even a big deal that Obama follows the porn star. "Why are you worried about who Obama, a private citizen is following? Shouldn't you be worried about who is currently in the WH? The hypocrisy is real," one slammed the haters. Another brought up current president Donald Trump, who was previously reported to be having an affair with a porn star. "So what? Trump actually sleeps with them," the said user wrote.

Neither Obama nor his team has responded to the controversy over his "following" list.

Sara is one of the most famous adult film stars in the industry. She has openly talked about sleeping with married men, including politicians, for money in the past and weighed in on the Anthony Weiner sexting controversy.

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