Emily B Dumps Fabolous to Prioritize Her 'Mental Health' as He's in Denial

The shoe designer seems to confirm that she and her longtime boyfriend have broken up after the 'Can't Let You Go' hitmaker ranted against a story about him going on a lunch date with another woman.

AceShowbiz - Fabolous might still be fighting for his relationship with Emily B a.k.a. Emily Bustamante, but she doesn't feel the same way. The shoe designer recently posted on Instagram Stories alluding to the end of her romance with the rapper, after he denied that they have broken up.

"This often offends people when I say this but I don't care," she wrote. Emily hinted that she dumped her longtime boyfriend earlier this year for the sake of her mental health. She added in the post, "My mental health is a priority over any friendship or relationship. I'll lose anyone and anything before I lose my mind. this has been my mood all year!"

News about Fabolous and Emily's alleged split surfaced last Thursday, July 25, after he was spotted on a lunch date with a mystery woman. He quickly denied it, taking to Instagram to slam TMZ which first reported the story and claiming that it was "bogus."

"I've never said I Split up From EMILY. I love EMILY Bustamante!!!!" he posted on late Thursday. "We are a couple working on our relationship." The 41-year-old hip-hop star called out the site and other news outlets for spreading the split rumor, adding, "That @tmz story & blogs are LIES."

He also went on a lengthy rant on Instagram Live, insisting that he still loves his "lady" Emily and never cheated on her. The "Can't Let You Go" hitmaker claimed that somebody "plotted this s**t" and tried to "sabotage" his relationship with Emily.

TMZ later begged to differ, insisting that its initial report is true. Sources told the site the pair have not been together for nearly a year and that it was her decision to call it off, corroborating Emily's statement on Instagram. The sources said that the New York-born rapper was just in denial, as he's still trying to save his family, while Emily says it's over.

Fabolous and Emily Bustamante had been dating for over a decade. They have two children together. Their oldest son was born in 2008 and their second son was born in 2015.

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