Nicole Murphy Denies Affair With Lela Rochon's Hubby Despite Kissing Pics, People Don't Believe Her
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The model stresses that she and Antoine Fuqua are just 'family friends' despite being photographed locking lips during an Italian getaway, and this prompts people to accuse her of lying.

AceShowbiz - Nicole Murphy has become the talk of the town after photos of her locking lips with Lela Rochon's husband, Antoine Fuqua, surfaced online. This prompts people to speculate that the two are having an affair, but the model has since debunked the rumors through a statement obtained by gossip site LoveBScott.

Denying rumors of them dating, she stressed, "Antoine and I are just family friends. I ran into him in Italy and we exchanged a friendly hello and that was it." But looking at the pictures on the Internet, many people didn't believe what she said in the slightest bit and proceeded to criticize the former wife of Eddie Murphy.

"Sus we women lie way better than this, please act up correctly," one said. Another slammed Nicole, "Friendly hello? That kind of hello will get your head split to the white meat," while one other said, "Women who greet their married 'friends' like this are the exact reason why folks don't want their husband having single friends."

There were also people who told Nicole to just keep silent because her statement just made things worse. "It was best she said nothing. What a SPIT in Lela's face," someone said as an individual echoed the sentiment, "She would have been better off not speaking on the matter at all. Where do they do this at?! Okay family friends." One user commented, "If any of my family friends was this friendly with my husband, there's going to be slot of furniture moving in this house."

Nicole and Antoine were spotted locking lips as they sipped coffee on a patio at the Regina Isabella Hotel in Ischia, Italy over the weekend. The two were later photographed kissing again while sitting on poolside sunbeds.

Lela has yet to respond to the affair speculation, though she appeared to fuel the rumors by deactivating both her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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