A spokesman for Clark County District Attorney's Office states that the allegations made by Kathryn Mayorga against the Portuguese soccer star cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

AceShowbiz - Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo will not be prosecuted for an alleged 10-year-old sexual assault.

Kathryn Mayorga accused the Portuguese star of raping her in his Las Vegas penthouse suite after inviting her back to his hotel in June, 2009.

She sued Ronaldo claiming she wanted to cancel a $375,000 (£300,000) deal she made with the star for her silence, and detailed her encounter with the athlete, who asked her to perform fellatio on him as she was getting changed for a hot tub session.

She claimed Ronaldo "pulled (her) into a bedroom and onto a bed and attempted to engage in sexual intercourse", as she attempted to fight him off, and then he had anal sex with her as she protested.

Ronaldo adamantly denied the allegations and now the Clark County District Attorney's Office has made a decision not to go forward with the case, according to TMZ.

A spokesman tells the outlet, "The allegations of sexual assault against Cristiano Ronaldo cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt", adding the investigation was hampered by the fact the alleged rape victim refused to name her attacker when she first reported the incident to police.

"Without knowing the identity of the perpetrator or the location of the crime, detectives were unable to search for and impound vital forensic evidence," the ruling reads. "In addition, video evidence, showing interactions between the victim and perpetrator before and after the alleged crime, was lost. The criminal investigation was closed."

"V (victim) and Cristiano Ronaldo, through their respective attorneys, eventually reached a civil settlement related to this matter in 2010. For the next eight years, law enforcement heard nothing more from V regarding the crime or the perpetrator. On August 28, 2018, V contacted the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, asking that her sexual assault investigation be reopened, naming Cristiano Ronaldo as the offender. In spite of the passage of over nine years, Metro investigated her allegations."

"A Request for Prosecution was submitted to the District Attorney's Office on July 8, 2019. Based upon a review of the information presented at this time, the allegations of sexual assault against Cristiano Ronaldo cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore, no charges will be forthcoming."

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