YouTube Star Amanda Cerny Thinks Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul's Engagement Is Just for 'Clout'

During a new interview, she weighs in on the pair's romance and impending wedding, 'Maybe there's love there that I just don’t know about, but that's a big question mark.'

AceShowbiz - Some people are skeptical of Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul's whirlwind romance and one of them is fellow YouTube star Amanda Cerny. In her recent interview, she suggested that she wasn't really convinced that the romance between Tana and Jake was real.

"I don't think it's real!" she said to at the Siwear Sunglasses by Hrush Achemyan event in downtown Los Angeles. "I don't think it's real! I love Jake and their whole situation. I think they're smart for clout."

She added, "Maybe there's love there that I just don't know about, but that's a big question mark."

Amanda was definitely not the only who thinks so. Most fans seemingly agreed that the pair were just trying to get attention by announcing their engagement in June, just a few months after Tana split from exes Bella Thorne and Mod Sun. "I honest to god cannot tell if anything tana mongeau does is real or fake and now she's engaged to jake Paul so I'm even more confused about her life," a fan tweeted. "GODDAMN IF SOMEONE DOESNT TELL ME IF TANA AND JAKE ARE REAL IM GONNA SCREAM! Is the relationship real? Is the engagement real? Am i being punked?" another comment read.

Tana expressed her excitement on Instagram after Jake went to Las Vegas where he popped the question to her during her 21st birthday. She shared a photo of a cake which had "Will you marry me" written on it in addition to flaunting a massive diamond ring on her hand. "I'm engaged @jakepaul," she captioned the pic. The next day, she tweeted, "ITS MY 21ST BDAY AND IM ENGAGED HOLY S**T i just woke up i'm sober omg what is going on."

The pair sparked marriage rumors after she shared pictures of what appeared to be a wedding ring on her finger. "Bet you didn't think we'd be engaged for this long... #ThePauls," Tana wrote, while Jake also shared several snaps of the 'ceremony' on his Instagram account, simply writing, "MarriageToday."

However, Tana set the records straight and said she wasn't Mrs. Paul just yet. Retweeting an article about their marriage rumors, Tana added in all-caps, "FAKE NEWS." She went on promising to let fans know when the two would exchange vows as saying, "We're still engaged b***h you'll know when we have a wedding." In her post, Tana also left a woozy face and a red heart emojis.

She did stay true to her statement as they announced in a press release on July 16 that they were planning to tie the knot at the Graffiti Mansion in Las Vegas on 28 July. The nuptials and afterparty at the Sugar Factory American Brasserie will be filmed for Mongeau's new MTV reality show.

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