Macklemore Credits Sobriety to Better Relationship With Mother-in-Law

Grateful that he has been able to earn Diana's love and respect, the 'Thrift Shop' hitmaker shares a selfie picture of him and Tricia Davis' mother taken during their trip in Paris, France.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Macklemore has declared his love for his mother-in-law in a gushing post on Instagram after marvelling at how their relationship has evolved over the years.

The "Thrift Shop" hitmaker has been with Tricia Davis for over a decade, during which he has struggled with substance abuse issues, and he admits his immature behaviour during his youth left his now-wife's mother, Diana, less than impressed.

However, their relationship has come a long way ever since the hip-hop star embraced a life of sobriety, and he is thankful to have been able to earn her love and respect.

Sharing a selfie of the pair in Paris, France, Macklemore wrote, "Out here in Paris with my mama in law. Glowed up. Grown up. She use to not trust my a** at all, as I'd sneak in and out of her house to visit (Tricia) on the late night."

"Now we in Paris eating appetizers, shopping, walking the city and looking out the window at the Eiffel Tower. Life is good. Change is good. I love her beyond words. And I think she likes me now (sic)".

While many followers praised the rapper for turning his life around, one critic cynically claimed his fame and fortune was likely the reason his mother-in-law is now a fan.

"Amazing what a few million dollars can do," the hater commented, prompting Macklemore to respond, "Although the money is nice, it unfortunately can't keep you sober. And when I got sober that's when our relationship changed.'

"Money had nothing to do with it. (But yes, Paris is hella expensive and these euro's adding up (sic))".

The 36-year-old, real name Ben Haggerty, previously spent time in rehab in 2008 and suffered a relapse due to the pressures of fame following the huge success of his Grammy-winning 2012 album "The Heist", which he released with his frequent collaborator Ryan Lewis.

He went on to wed Tricia in 2015 and the couple is now parents to two daughters, Sloane, four, and Colette, one.

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