Beth Chapman's Stepdaughter Lyssa Overcomes Their Feud to Be by Her Side Amid Cancer Battle

While Lyssa Chapman puts aside her differences with her stepmother during Beth's hospitalization, Beth and Dog's daughter Bonnie says there isn't much to update about her mom's condition.

AceShowbiz - Lyssa Chapman confirms she has officially put an end to her feud with Beth Chapman amid the latter's cancer battle. The stepdaughter of the 51-year-old reality TV star says she has been by her stepmother's side since she's hospitalized in Hawaii.

Lyssa made the confession when a fan asked via Twitter on Monday, June 24, "If Beth weren't here tomorrow, would you have any regrets? A Disagreements or hurts can last a lifetime or they could be let go of as simple as they started. Love Wins All....let the gentleness be." The 32-year-old wrote back, "I've been with her since she was back in Hawaii. Our family isn't perfect but we're family."

Earlier in the morning, Lyssa, who is Duane Chapman a.k.a. Dog the Bounty Hunter's daughter with his third wife Lyssa Rae Brittain, tweeted out the message "#KeepFightingBeth" to show her support for Beth.

On Sunday, Lyssa also posted on her Instagram account a loving photo of her with Beth as they both smiled to the camera. She left the picture captionless.

Lyssa has been showing her love to Beth after her stepmother was rushed to a hospital on Saturday morning, June 22 due to a breathing issue resulting from her throat cancer. A 911 call made from Beth and Dog's residence in Honolulu, Hawaii described her situation as a "choking" emergency.

Beth has been placed in a medically induced coma for two days now. Dog took to Twitter to ask fans for prayers for his wife, writing, "Please say your prayers for Beth right now thank you love you."

Other family members were reportedly rushing to be by Beth's side. Beth and Dog's daughter Bonnie Chapman has also arrived in Hawaii from the continental U.S. despite saying earlier this month that she didn't want to return home to Hawaii because of "overwhelming anxiety" and "too much traffic."

She took to Instagram Stories on Monday and posted a picture of what appears to be her mother's bedside. She, however, said that "there's not much of an update I can give, I can say she's getting good care," adding that Beth is still in a coma.

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that Beth is placed in a coma out of necessity, because medical staffers found it incredibly difficult to treat her. Sources say she was in a lot of pain and required oxygen when she arrived at the hospital, but when doctors tried to treat her, Beth began yanking out the lines doctors were using to give her fluids and medications. They put her under a mild sedation, but that wasn't enough and she was still agitated. So they decided to place her in the medically induced coma.

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