MacKenzie Porter and Jake Etheridge Keep Engagement Under Wraps for Weeks

Going public with their newly-acquired relationship status, the 'About You' singer recalls the time the former 'Nashville' actor surprised her with his romantic proposal at home.

AceShowbiz - Singer MacKenzie Porter and former "Nashville" actor Jake Etheridge are set to marry after five years of dating.

The couple became engaged on May 30, when Etheridge treated Porter to an elaborate eight-course meal at an Indian restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee, and then took her home, where he had set the scene for the romantic proposal.

"We walked home, and when I opened up our front door, his favourite song (James Carr's "The Dark End of the Street") was playing," the bride-to-be recounts to "The floor was covered in candles and roses, there was champagne on ice and he instantly got down on one knee. He said all of the sweet things and asked me to do forever with him (sic)!".

The stars decided to keep the news under wraps so they could celebrate with their loved ones first, before going public with the news.

"So, we've been secretly engaged for a few weeks now - soaking it in with our family and friends," the Canadian musician, 29, continues. "We've been best friends for five years and now have a 'bestie for the restie.' Surprise!!! We are getting freaking married."

And Etheridge reveals he knew the moment they met that Porter was the woman he would one day call his wife.

"The day I met Mack I called my mom on the phone and told her, '(I'm) gonna marry that girl,'" he says. "Believe me, I know how it sounds - straight Parmesan cheese - but it's true."

Despite his confidence in their future together, Etheridge was a ball of nerves on the day he planned to pop the question.

"I remember the day I proposed, I was so nervous," the 31-year-old shares. "When we were walking to the restaurant, I was constantly thinking, 'How do I talk normal (sic)? What do I do with my hands?!' I knew she'd say 'Yes,' but I wanted everything to be just perfect. I can't wait to marry this woman!".

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