Fans Call Pooh Hicks 'Disgusting' for Throwing 'S***ty Sheets' at 'LHH: ATL' Co-Star Karlie Redd

In the new episode, Karlie and Pooh come face to face with Karlie telling her former friend that she's willing to call a truce with her only if she admits to lying about the threesome claims.

AceShowbiz - The drama between Pooh Hicks and Karlie Redd escalated in the recent episode of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta". In the May 27 episode of the VH1 reality series, Pooh continued with her allegations that she and husband Hiriam Hicks had a threesome with Karlie. This time, she brought the alleged evidence.

Pooh and Karlie were close before the latter ended their friendship because she'd outgrown their relationship. Seemingly hurt by the decision, Pooh launched Karlie's dirty laundry and accused her of having an anal sex with Hiriam. Karlie denied the allegations, saying that Pooh was lying.

In the new episode, Karlie and Pooh came face to face as the cast headed to Trinidad. Karlie told her former friend that she was willing to call a truce with her only if she admitted to lying about their supposed threesome with her husband. However, that only made everything worse.

Pooh continued sticking to her story. Additionally, she accused Karlie of having "loose bowels" during sex with Hiriam. Pooh then pulled out her "750 dollar sheets" which she claimed had Karlie's fecal on it. Security was quick to separate the two before things got more chaotic, but Pooh managed to throw adult diapers at Karlie.

Viewers were baffled by Pooh's antics in the episode. "WTF was that Pooh is disgusting and seriously needs some help," one fan quipped. Another viewer added, "I think Pooh obsessed with,Karlieā€¦.She Mad cuz She ATE HER A**, GOT S***ED ON, and Got DENIED ACCESS after ALL THAT."

"My damn stomach hurts after watching this. smh pooh and her husband storyline is gonna be sleeping with @iamkarlieredd all of season 8 waste of time if you ask me," one fan slammed Pooh. "She should be ashamed of herself." Echoing the same sentiment, another comment read, "I'm So Sick Of Pooh And Those S***ty Sheets. Who Gives A Damn About A Threesome, Girl Boy Or Whatever It Is. Please Have Several Seats!!!"

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