'LHHNY' Star Kimbella Reveals Why She Threw Drink at Yandy Smith

After receiving a lot of flack online for her aggressive behavior towards Yandy in the last episode, now Kimbella defends herself in a now-deleted Instagram comment.

AceShowbiz - "Love & Hip Hop: New York" returned with a new episode on Monday, February 17. The new episode picked up right after the drama between Kimbella and fellow cast member Yandy Smith as the two were involved in an almost-physical altercation in the previous episode.

Following the episode, Kimbella, who threw a drink in Yandy's face, received a lot of flack online for her aggressive behavior. Now, she defended herself in a now-deleted Instagram comment on Monday.

The VH1 star had a fiery response to a fan who asked her why she was so angry at Yandy. "Are you dumb?" so she clapped back at the user. "Did you not see the episode? Cuz she said I deserved it 10 years later! TF do you mean why am I mad???"

For those who are not following, Kimbella was referring to Yandy's remarks about Chrissy Lampkin's "dog walking" Kimbella in the first season of the reality TV series. At the time, Yandy said that Kimbella deserved to get "beat up" by Chrissy.

The altercation between Kimbella and Yandy took place when the two were hanging out with other cast members including Jonathan Fernandez, Jenn Coreano, Somaya Reece and Cyn Santana. In a confessional, Kim dubbed Yandy a "fake friend," "a fake person" and a "fake businesswoman." She appeared to not be able to control her anger as she threw her drink towards Yandy when they were all out with other cast members.

Upon watching the episode, fans collectively slammed Kim for being jealous of Yandy. “Kimbella , girl BYE . you coming across like a bitter jealous b***h . you was holdin onto all that anger towards yandy for YEARS ?! That means you were never a real friend like you claim . #LHHNY," one said.

"Yandy has had ENOUGH of Kimbella!!! Please drag her lmaooooo Kim knows she only famous because of Juelz and the many, many artists she slept with. Yandy didn't have to do any of that and she's smart af. Girl, just admit that you're jealous of Yandy and move on. #LHHNY," someone else pointed out.

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