'LHH: NY' Star Erica Mena Calls Out Cyn Santana Amid Matchmaking Backlash

Throwing shade at Cyn in a lengthy message, Erica says that the former 'sat around and help spread blog rumors about my husband while I'm pregnant with all my enemies.'

AceShowbiz - The latest episode of "Love & Hip Hop: New York" earned Erica Mena criticism. Fans called out the star after she was revealed to be trying to hookup Cyn Santana's ex Joe Budden and his ex Tahiry Jose, prompting others to deem her heartless towards Cyn.

After learning that Erica tried to push for Joe Budden and Tahiry Jose getting back together, Cyn admitted to being hurt and "appalled" at Erica, whom she dated before the latter married Safaree Samuels. "We loved and cared for each other once upon a time but all of a sudden, Cyn and Joe are no longer together and Erica is so invested in putting him back with his ex?" said Cyn.

Following the backlash, Erica took to her Instagram account to clap back and explain the situation. "And to properly bring you, the audience up to real speed. Let me clarify that scene happemed after my wedding. Which is why i was the one who actually requested a sit down with jonathan only since he attended my wedding and wasn't invited," she wrote on Instagram Stories.

"She was thrown in the mixx so they could get what they thought you all wanted to see," she concluded.

Erica then further elaborated things in the comment section, accusing VH1 of deliberately not airing "these scenes in order at all let me properly clarify...." She also wrote, "if Cyn was at my baby shower don't think y'all should put two & two together on how things really ended in yesterday's scene?! That's one of my points."

"I don my job Very well TEN years inn! it's when people love to play victim and editing feeds off of that that gets under my skin," Erica continued defending herself.

Shading Cyn in a lengthy message, Erica said that the former "sat around and help spread blog rumors about my husband while I'm pregnant with all my enemies." She added, "Yeah act like she is so innocent when it's far from that. This is the same woman that tried to attack my husband just because he was with me last season."

"The same woman that keeps my name in my her mouth scene after scene even in seasons I'm not even in," she wrote. "Let's not get into the fact that it's been years since Ive even had her in my orbit the last thing I'm thinking about is her especially when Tahiry is my friend."

"But carry-on because you guys are always going to defend who you feel sorry for. But since it's easier for you guys you guys going to believe what you see regardless of TRUTH but let's not forget she was at my baby shower so obviously that scene didn't end off the way you guys saw it," she ended her post.

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