Jennifer Aniston in Disbelief for Becoming Calmest Person During Plane Emergency

During a chat with talk host Ellen DeGeneres, the former 'Friends' star recalls the scary incident that took place during a trip to Mexico for a birthday surprise.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Aniston's fear of flying flew out the window when she and her friends had to turn back from a trip to Mexico after a wheel broke upon take-off in Los Angeles.

The actress and her friends made headlines earlier this year when the pilot of a private plane, on which they were passengers, had to turn back an hour into a surprise birthday trek to Mexico.

Aniston, who has never been a happy flyer, recalls, "What happened was when we were in flight, it was very turbulent... and sort of on a tilt. It's an hour and a half of white-knuckling and then the stewardess says to me, 'The pilot would like to talk to you,' and I said, 'I don't want to talk to the pilot'. I sent one of my very calm friends to go talk to the pilot.

"I find out that we've actually turned around and we're going back to California, because we think we've lost a wheel... and then everybody on the plane started panicking...

"Everyone who I look to for comfort... has got tears streaming down their faces and they're texting their children, their partners, their loved ones...".

Amid all the chaos, Jen suddently became the calmest passenger on board, telling pal Ellen DeGeneres, who texted her after news broke of the plane emergency, "I couldn't believe how calm I became".

The flight had to circle the airport for six hours to dump fuel, during which time Aniston and her pals got drunk.

"We all got pretty hammered, because who knew what the end of this was gonna be," she explains, revealing they were all so drunk that they didn't hesitate to board another plane upon landing and take off for Mexico again.

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