Ricky Schroder Escapes Prosecution for Domestic Violence Incident With Girlfriend

The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office has declined to pursue charges upon learning that the former 'NYPD Blue' star accidentally hit his girlfriend after being startled while sleeping.

AceShowbiz - Actor Ricky Schroder will not be prosecuted for an alleged domestic violence incident with his girlfriend.

The former "NYPD Blue" star was arrested at his Los Angeles home on 01 May and accused of hitting his partner.

He was booked for a felony, but his girlfriend, who has not been identified, subsequently told police the altercation had occurred after she startled Schroder while he was sleeping off the affects of alcohol and sedative Ambien.

She claimed her actions caused the 49 year old to flail his arms wildly, accidentally hitting her in the process.

As a result, officials at the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office have declined to pursue charges against Schroder, reports TMZ.

It's not the first time authorities have been called to the actor's home - cops responded to a similar call on 02 April, when Schroder was arrested for the same charge, amid claims suggesting he had punched his girlfriend in the face as she tried to leave the property.

Prosecutors also declined to file charges against the star due to a lack of sufficient evidence.

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