Mischa Barton Reaches Conditional Settlement in Truck Crash Lawsuit

The former star of 'The O.C.' is given until June 25 to honor the deal she strikes with the homeowners' association at the Park Wellington condos so that the lawsuit can be officially dismissed.

AceShowbiz - Actress Mischa Barton won't need to go to trial to contest a two-year-old truck crash after striking a settlement deal.

The former "The O.C." star has been fighting a lawsuit filed against her by officials at the homeowners' association at the Park Wellington condos in West Hollywood after she allegedly rammed her rented U-Haul vehicle into the building in February, 2017.

The collision reportedly caused structural damage that required expensive repairs, and the plaintiffs demanded nearly $27,000 from Barton to pay for the work.

She denied all wrongdoing for the accident, and was due to face off with the plaintiffs in a Los Angeles court on April 30.

However, the trial will no longer be going ahead as the two parties appear to have reached a conditional settlement, according to legal papers obtained by The Blast.

Details about the agreement have not been made public, but Barton, 33, has until June 25 to honour the deal, after which time the homeowners' association representatives will officially drop their lawsuit.

A court hearing will take place next week (begins April 29) to confirm the settlement, which comes days after Barton argued against the plaintiffs' motion to question her about her past mental health problems in court.

The U-Haul crash, which occurred while she was moving home with her then-boyfriend Adam Spaw, took place weeks after she was hospitalised for allegedly ranting at neighbours in her back garden. She underwent a mental health evaluation and blamed her behaviour on consuming a spiked drink at a party.

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