Pics: Lily Collins Goes Gothic Glamor at 'Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile' Premiere
WENN/Lia Toby

The British-born actress commands the blue carpet in her black sheer dress with quirky patterns as she joins her co-star and lead actor Zac Efron at the London event.

AceShowbiz - Lily Collins stepped out for the European premiere of "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile" in London on Wednesday, April 24. The 30-year-old actress flew back to her homeland of England earlier that day and arrived just in time for the premiere as her flight got delayed by two hours, so she shared on her Instagram Stories.

Lily looked every inch ready to pose for the cameras despite having to rush everything to make it to the special screening. The daughter of singer Phil Collins was stunning in a black sheer dress with quirky patterns all over, including sequined hands and a heart on her chest.

Her hair was pulled into a simple bun with a striking blue eyeliner to match the details of her floor-length dress and the blue carpet. She wore soft makeup with peach lipstick, and accessorized with a pair of dangling earrings and a statement ring.

Lily was joined by her co-star Zac Efron when posing on the blue carpet. The Ted Bundy depicter looked handsome in a blue and gold checkered suit, teamed with a white shirt, a gold tie, burgundy patent dress shoes and a gold wrist watch.

Speaking to reporters, the actor admitted he had trouble completely leaving the character on the set after he finished the filming for the day. "I've never played a role in which I really have to separate myself from when I go home at night and it was almost impossible. I'd like to say that I did it successfully but I couldn't," he said.

The movie has sparked controversy as it's accused of glamorizing a serial killer, but in Efron's opinion, it's another side of the story that drew his interest. He explained, "I really wasn't interested in playing a serial killer, I'm not in the business of glamorizing a horrendous person or his acts, but there is something unique about the way we went into the psyche of Ted, and his longtime girlfriend Liz [played by Lily Collins]."

"It's a different perspective and not your run-of-the-mill serial killer cliche, body count gets higher and higher and oh the guy you always knew did it, did it," he went on sharing. "This is what it was like to be there on the day, we didn't know if he was innocent or guilty, we just saw Ted Bundy through their eyes."

"Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile" is directed by Joe Berlinger, who was also spotted among the guests at the European premiere. The movie is slated to open in U.S. theaters on May 3.

1. Commanding Attention

Commanding Attention
WENN/Lia Toby

Lily Collins led the glamor in her sheer black dress.

2. Bold and Quirky

Bold and Quirky
WENN/Mario Mitsis

The dress drew attention particularly due to its quirky patterns.

3. Charming in Blue

Charming in Blue
WENN/Mario Mitsis

Zac Efron looked suave in a checkered suit that matched the blue carpet.

4. Perfect On-Screen Pair

Perfect On-Screen Pair
WENN/Lia Toby

Zac and Lily, who play Ted Bundy and his girlfriend Liz Kloepfer, posed for pictures together.

5. Checking on His Co-Star

Checking on His Co-Star
WENN/Lia Toby

Zac seemed to admire Lily's look at the event and had a close look at her.

6. Keeping It Low-Profile

Keeping It Low-Profile
WENN/Lia Toby

Director Joe Berlinger didn't miss the premiere.

7. Almost Spill Out

Almost Spill Out
WENN/Lia Toby

Megan Barton-Hanson adjusted her dress which seemingly couldn't contain her assets.

8. Never Enough Attention

Never Enough Attention
WENN/Mario Mitsis

Singer Tallia Storm was more than willing to pose for photographers.

9. Marilyn Monroe Moment

Marilyn Monroe Moment
WENN/Mario Mitsis

Shanie Ryan's skirt was blown off by the wind.

10. Inseparable Couple

Inseparable Couple
WENN/Mario Mitsis

Michelle Heaton attended the event with husband Hugh Hanley.

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