People Call Meek Mill and P. Diddy 'Gay' Because of This Pic

The picture is first uploaded on Instagram by Diddy before he deletes that from the photo-sharing platform, prompting fans to think that the pic is never meant to be uploaded in the first place.

AceShowbiz - Talk about an unlikely couple. Meek Mill and Sean "P. Diddy" Combs have been hit with gay rumors because of the latter's latest Instagram pic of himself and Meek.

The image, which has since been deleted from his account, saw the two rappers posing together at an event. The two wore matching outfits while flashing smiles for the camera.

The snap quickly disappeared from his account, though some fans were as quick as he was in saving the picture before later re-uploading it. It remains to be seen why the music mogul removed the pic, but some people took it as if the pic was never meant to be uploaded in the first place.

Soon after the photo hit the web, it caused a firestorm on Twitter, according to MTO News. Some fans accused the two of being "gay," as one of the wrote, "Philly's got some 'splaining to do lol.. idk no street n***a that like to wear the same outfit as another man and pose for a pic in it."

"Meek's moving funny style since he got out," One other user tweeted. Another comment read, "Diddy's the type to slip roofies in that Ciroc. One minute the dude is on the dance floor ready to f**k some b****es, then he wakes up and hears 'take dat, take dat' wit Diddy next to him."

Meek recently wiped out his Instagram account following a cryptic tweet about living with no social media. "No social media ..... all real life!" he wrote on the blue bird app on Saturday, April 20. Fans were initially confused about the tweet as one fan replied, "Trying to figure out how Meek tweeted without social media."

Another fan seemingly didn't buy his words as s/he noted, "you tweet like 40 times a day." One other user made fun of Meek for the tweet, writing, "Goes to social media to say it. Lol." Another fan defended the rapper though. "I think he meant more like .. he don't do things for social media, he really got it like that in real life," the fan explained.

Despite the troll, the rapper appeared to be serious about taking some time off from internet. The "Going Bad" spitter deleted his Instagram account, much to everyone's surprise. "Come back on the gram," said one sad fan. "Bro just go back on the gram," another fan added.

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