Lil' Kim 'Beyond Upset' About Album Postponement, Accuses Spotify of Hating on Her

In an Instagram Stories post, the 'Lady Marmalade' hitmaker fully blames her label Entertainment One for postponing her first album in 14 years, '9', which is initially set for a May 17 release.

AceShowbiz - For those who have been waiting to hear Lil' Kim's new album, you may be disappointed after reading this news. Lil' Kim has recently taken to Instagram Stories to announce that she has postponed the release of her album "9", fully blaming her label Entertainment One for it.

Kim was just as upset as fans over the postponement, telling her fans to criticize her label if they have a problem with it. "EONE has pushed back the day of my album ya'll if you have an issue take it up with them. This has nothing to do with me," she said on the photo-sharing platform. "I am beyond upset with this and couldn't wait to show you all what I've been working on."

In addition to taking a jab at her label, Kim dissed Spotify as she believed that the streaming site was hating on her. "Also Spotify is hating on me. I can't understand why after all of the favors I've done for them," the femcee continued writing. "Direct all of your energy towards them too."

It remains unknown why Entertainment One decided to push back the release date of "9", which was initially planned for a May 17 release. As of now, there hasn't been any update on when the album will be released.

"9" will mark Kim's first album in 14 years, following her 2015 effort "The Naked Truth". In an interview with Billboard, the "Lady Marmalade" rapper described the upcoming effort as a "happy medium" record that she wanted in her music. "Things change, and I want to give my fans what I did and little bit of something new," she said.

"And another thing too: my fans have seen me on some hardcore s**t. They've seen me on some gutter 'I'm a gangstress, I will shoot yo a** if you play me or you steal from me.' They've seen that. I've done that," she continued. "And last but not least... I've lived that. So it's like, let's see another side of Kim. Why not? Let's see a fun side, a sexy side."

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