Aoki Lee Simmons Claps Back at Speculation She's on Drugs

Admitting that she's a 'nerd,' the 21-year-old model, who recently made headlines with her relationship with a 65-year-old businessman, insists that she's not doing coke.

AceShowbiz - Aoki Lee Simmons is setting things straight about her giddy behavior that led to speculation she's using drugs. The daughter of Kimora Lee Simmons and Russell Simmons has clapped back at the claim during her livestream.

The young model turned on the live while she was in a moving car with her friend. Initially planning to make it fun by showing off her brand new Kindle Scribe, she read one of the comments from a follower who accused her of doing drugs.

"I'm not on drugs. I don't do coke, I just like sugar," Aoki said, as her friend laughed at the claim behind her. The catwalk beauty admitted, "And I'm a nerd. Like I don't think any of you guys have friends who are actual nerds. Like you have any friends who've played 'Dungeons & Dragons' like one time. I'm just a nerd. That's all it is."

She then stumbled upon another insulting comment that read, "Used to be a genuinely intelligent girl, now give cocaine." Firing back, the 21-year-old said, "I'm still really smart. I have a higher IQ than you by a lot. I went to a school. I'm a lot smarter than you. Cool."

Aoki's friend then advised her to ignore the trolls, saying, "Don't give them attention." Moving on with her initial plan, the Harvard graduate then said, "Screw them."

Aoki recently made headlines with her relationship with restaurateur Vittorio Assaf, who is 44 years her senior. Their relationship was revealed after they were caught kissing during their romantic getaway in St. Barts in April.

However, shortly after returning from their tropical vacation, Aoki ended their fling. "It's 100% done. They're absolutely not dating," a source, allegedly close to Aoki, told Page Six. The source said Aoki told her friend, "Of course, I'm not with him. I was never with him." The source went on insisting, "They are not dating."

A few days later, Aoki confirmed her parents' concerns following her relationship with the 65-year-old restaurateur. She posted a quote from an interview with actress Chloe Sevigny, who described her parents' fear and protectiveness during her own teenage years.

The quote read, "That was my big year of going out... I do know for my mom it was very terrifying, but I checked in a lot, and my dad would always remind her that there was more good in the world than bad."

Aoki also highlighted Chloe's remarks about her parents' concerns about drugs, "They were pretty worried about drugs, but I just never liked doing them. I've never even done cocaine. I partook in other things: acid, ecstasy, candyflipping." Aoki captioned the post, "Her words [are] also mine [at this point]."

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