Mischa Barton's Mental Breakdown May Be Broached in Truck Crash Trial

The former star of 'The O.C.' has attempted to prevent the subject of her hospitalization being brought up in court, but lawyers for the Park Wellington condos' homeowners beg to differ.

AceShowbiz - Mischa Barton's past mental health problems could be brought up in court in her legal battle over a truck crash.

"The O.C." actress was sued for nearly $27,000 (£20,800) by the homeowners' association at the Park Wellington condos in West Hollywood for allegedly ramming her rented U-Haul track into the building, causing structural damages that required expensive repairs, in February 2017.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, lawyers for the homeowners are demanding they be allowed to question the actress about her "level of intoxication and mental health at the time of the accident as impacted by her hospitalisation for an apparent breakdown two weeks prior to the accident."

Her U-Haul crash, which occurred while she was moving home with her then-boyfriend Adam Spaw, happened the month after she was hospitalised after allegedly ranting at neighbours in her back garden. She underwent a mental health evaluation and blamed the incident on her drink being spiked with drugs while at a party. Her mental health has been a cause for concern in the past as she entered rehab following a 2007 DUI arrest and suffered an emotional breakdown in 2009.

The homeowners association's lawyers are demanding she be questioned over the incident, which she claimed not to remember, writing in their filing that, "this evidence is relevant not only to her mental state at the time of the crash but also her credibility as to her recollections of the events of the day of the accident."

Mischa, 33, has denied all wrongdoing for the accident and recently filed her own documents attempting to prevent her hospitalisation being brought up in court. Her filing states that there is "no evidence" she was intoxicated in any way at the time of the crash, citing a traffic report that established she had not been drinking.

The case will head to trial on 30 April.

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