Kristin Cavallari Defends Controversial Story of Jay Cutler Sucking Her Breasts to Unclog Milk Ducts
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The former 'Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County' star had anticipated reactions from people when she revealed how her husband helped ameliorate her clogged ducts, but tells them, 'You cannot judge!'

AceShowbiz - While Kristin Cavallari has been letting the world get into her life as a mother and wife, her recent story about how Jay Cutler once helped her out when hard lumps formed in the narrow milk ducts of her breasts stirred a debate among Internet users. Speaking to E! News, the reality TV star defends the controversial story.

Admitting that it was kind of expected that people would show mixed responses to her experience, the "Very Cavallari" star says, "I knew that it was gonna be a little controversial. I didn't know that it would be as big as it has become." She tries to silence them as adding, "Listen, unless you have breastfed and you've had clogged ducts, you cannot judge! That's all I’m gonna say."

The 32-year-old similarly tells Extra, "I knew it was going to have a reaction. Obviously, I didn't know to what extent. I get it. When we said it, I remember we were both like, 'of course, I know they are going to use that' and it's gonna become a thing."

"If you've had clogged ducts before, you know how painful it can be," she goes on explaining how serious clogged ducts are, "I mean, they can get infected, and so Jay was just saving my life, alright? He's a good husband. Listen, he's a really dedicated husband."

Kristin, a mother of three, shares that other moms have similar experiences with clogged ducts. "By the way, since we talked about that, it's incredibly common - I've had so many people come up to me and be like, 'My husband had to do that, too,' " so she claims. "Like, unless you have been in that situation, you can't judge, let me just tell you that."

Kristin, who opens up about her life on "Very Cavallari", admits, "Yeah, I'm putting my life out there, but we definitely...Jay and I have private things that are off limits. Certain things we just would never put out there."

When asked if their children Camden, 6, Jaxon, 4, and Saylor, 3, are among those which are off limits, she says, "I just want them to make that decision when they're old enough if they want their life plastered all over the place. They may want no part of it."

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