Candace Cameron Bure Still Stands by Lori Loughlin After Being Attacked Over Her Support

Addressing her former 'Fuller House' co-star's college bribery scandal directly for the first time, the D.J. Tanner depicter says she's praying for her 'dear and close friend' Lori.

AceShowbiz - Candace Cameron Bure still fearlessly supports Lori Loughlin after she sparked backlash for her speech at the 2019 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. The 42-year-old actress directly addressed the college admissions cheating scandal for the first time when she and her "Fuller House" co-star Jodie Sweetin appeared on "Today" show on Tuesday, April 2.

Asked about Lori, Candace said, "It's too personal to us, and we would never want to talk about someone that's such a dear and close friend." Standing by her friend, she added though, "I've already said that we are family, and we stand by each other and pray for each other, and we'll always be there for each other."

Candace previously showed her support for Lori when she and her co-stars accepted an award for their Netflix series at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday, March 23. Without mentioning Lori, she said on stage, "A loving family sticks together no matter what." She added, "They stick together through the hard times, they support each other, they encourage one another, they pray for each other and they stand by their side no matter how tough it gets."

Her speech sparked mixed reactions from her Instagram followers, who commented on a clip of Candace's speech which she posted on her social media account. Some people thought that she defied her own faith in God and ignored those affected by Lori's wrongdoings.

"How Christian, advocating to kids that it's okay to lie to officials, steal from others who worked hard, and lie to people," one wrote. Another added, "Too bad Aunt Becky ruined the legacy, by lying and cheating And You're sticking by her because family sticks together no matter what? Wow, so christian of you to support a cheating fraud!! Bye Candace."

"What Lori did was wrong. If I were in your position, I wouldn't want to be associated with her," someone else wrote. "Of course you wouldn't understand because you're also a millionaire and you haven't struggled with money at least one day of your life. She took away two spots to what could have been actual deserving college students and you're preaching for her forgiveness and having her back. It's pathetic and this is coming from a religious person too. I'm disappointed, but not surprised."

Some others, however, thought that Candace did the right thing by showing compassion and forgiveness. "Your speech tonight was everything!! Thank you for standing by your family and making a point in saying so!! Nothing will ever be able to over power love, grace and forgiveness!! Congrats!!" one commented.

Another similarly added, "Truly LOVED what you said Candace. True love of family sticks together in the best of times and the hardest of times. For we have a Lord that loves us so much, so merciful, loving, and graceful. Family doesn't have to be blood to be family."

Lori and her husband Mossimo Giannulli are accused of paying bribes totaling $500,000 to have their daughters, 20-year-old Isabella and 19-year-old Olivia Jade, accepted into the University of Southern California as recruits for the school's women's rowing team, despite not actually participating in the sport. They were released after posting $1 million bond.

The "Full House" alum was recently spotted at Boston Logan International Airport ahead of their scheduled court appearance for the case. The 54-year-old actress was all smiles as she greeted fans outside the airport on Tuesday.

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