This Is Why 'RHOBH' Alum Taylor Armstrong's Daughter Doesn't Miss Her Late Father Russell

In an interview on Laura Wasser's podcast 'Divorce Sucks!', the TV personality also recalls the time when she discovered the former venture capitalist's body.

AceShowbiz - Even though Taylor Armstrong's relationship with her late ex-husband Russell was far from the word "harmonious," she has tried to keep positive memories of him for the sake of their daughter Kennedy. However, it appears that the little girl knows their marriage life was so bad that she doesn't even miss her own father.

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" alum made the revelation during an interview on Laura Wasser's podcast "Divorce Sucks!" on Monday, March 18. "My psychiatrist has said to continue to bring up her father to her so that she doesn't think that people just disappear," Taylor said. "I was saying, 'Do you miss daddy?' And she said, 'No. N-O.' "

Taylor went on explaining that she tried to bring up pleasant memories of them together, but it appeared she only remembered the unpleasant ones. "She waited for a minute and then she said, 'Mommy, why would you miss a boy that screamed at you all the time?' " the "Hiding from Reality" author continued. "Thank goodness she was sitting behind me because I had tears running down my face, just feeling like I thought I had done a better job of protecting her."

Taylor and Russell tied the knot in 2005 before welcoming Kennedy a year later. She filed for divorce from the former venture capitalist in 2011 and accused him of domestic violence. One month later, Russell committed suicide by hanging.

During the "Divorce Sucks!" podcast, Taylor also recalled the time when she found Russell dead at his home in Mulholland Drive. She revealed that Kennedy was in the car with her assistant when she discovered his body. "After I found him, I ran into the street where they were parked and I was on the ground quite hysterical of course," she said. "Then, all of sudden, it just occurred to me that she was there."

She continued, "And so we had her nanny come to the end of the street and my assistant drove her down so that the emergency vehicles wouldn't be any more of a chaotic scene than it already was."

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