The former 'Two and a Half Men' star spilled the beans about his awkward relationship with his 'Pretty in Pink' co-stars in his book 'So That Happened'.

AceShowbiz - Actor Jon Cryer didn't get along with his "Pretty in Pink" castmates Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy while making the 1980s classic, because they thought he was too brash and loud.

The former "Two and a Half Men" star spilled the beans about his awkward relationship with the film's stars in his book, "So That Happened", and now admits he quickly realised movie sets are very different from the theatre.

"I came from New York City and I'm kinda a loud-mouthed New Yorker... and Molly and Andrew were both very kinda reserved people," he tells Access Live.

"I came from the theatre, where everybody knows everybody and has these outsize personalities and you're all crammed together and have to work together, but a movie's not like that; you show up and you do your job and then you go home...".

"I just assumed that because they were so remote they just didn't like me."

He has since discovered he was half right: "I later found out that Molly actually did like me; Andrew, however, didn't - but now we get along fine...".

"I ran into him backstage at (TV show) 'The View' and we had a lovely conversation. He's a terrific travel writer, as well as a director and he still acts, obviously."

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