Lil Wayne's Daughter Lands in Hot Water for Kissing Sister on the Lips

'I'm pretty sure your sister doesn't want your d**k lips on her PERIOD," one uncomfortable follower criticizes Reginae Carter.

AceShowbiz - Reginae Carter just wanted to show off how close she is with her little sister Reign Rushing. But instead of praises, the daughter of Lil Wayne received criticisms after she posted on Instagram a picture of her kissing the little girl on the lips.

The photo in question appeared to be taken at the balcony of Toya Wright's home in Atlanta. The sisters were twinning in gray as Reginae donned matching hoodie and ripped jeans. Meanwhile, Reign looked adorable in a dress teamed with rainbow-colored shoes. Making her look cuter than ever, she wore her hair in double bun, accessorizing it with pink ribbons. There was also a picture of the siblings posing with their mom.

"Ohana means family . Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten," she said in the caption, adding a red heart emoji.

As sweet as the pictures might be, some of her followers were disturbed by the photo of Reginae kissing Reign on the lips. They even accused the 20-year-old "T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle" star of "spreading bacteria" to the toddler and cautioned her to stop doing such a thing. "Kissing kids in their mouth with all this bacteria is horrible," one comment read.

"Nobody should be kissing babies in their mouth especially when their giving oral to their cheating a** boyfriend," another said while one individual didn't even try to be nice as saying, "I'm pretty sure your sister doesn't want your d**k lips on her PERIOD." Someone else commented, "No funny but why you kissing your sis in her mouth. You aint right sis!"

Reginae herself has yet to respond to the criticism, but some fans have already defended her. "Ya'll go away! She can do what she wants damn it's her little sister. She not harming her," one fan said while another offered a lengthy response, "For everyone that says she shouldn't be kissing the baby in the mouth. 1: it's not tongue kiss and 2: I guess y'all don't wash y'all mouth. Come on y'all always finding something to talk about smh."

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