'Tanked' Star Heather King Charged With Domestic Violence After Attacking Husband Wayde

According to law enforcement sources, the accountant of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing slaps her husband in the face and kicks him in the stomach.

AceShowbiz - An argument with husband has led Heather King to jail. The "Tanked" star was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic violence on Wednesday, March 6 in Las Vegas, after she got into an argument with husband Wayde King that turned physical.

According to TMZ, which first reported the news, Heather slapped her husband in the face and kicked him in the stomach twice when they were caught into a heated argument. Police were then called to their home and noticed visible redness on a side of Wayde's stomach. He also allegedly told officers that he was hanging out of the window of Heather's car as she drove away.

Law enforcement sources told the publication that Heather admitted he slapped Wayde, but it was because he didn't let her leave her room. She also denied dragging the 52-year-old with her car. It remains unclear what caused the fight. Heather has been released from custody.

Heather and Wayde have been married for more than two decades, sharing two daughters: Taylor King and Morgan King. The married couple is extremely supportive of each other, be it about their family or business affair. They went to Hawaii for their first honeymoon, before going to Mexico for their second honeymoon. There, the lovebirds tried Wayde's favorite sport of scuba diving.

Both of them star on Animal Planet's series "Tanked", which premiered in 2011. It follows the operation of the Las Vegas-based aquarium manufacturer Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, owned by Wayde and his brother-in-law Brett Raymer. Heather herself works as the company's accountant, while her father works as the shop manager.

Through the show, viewers get to see the family installing incredible fish tanks and aquariums into the homes of several celebrities, including Tracy Morgan, Alyssa Milano, Neil Patrick Harris. 2 Chainz and Ludacris. The Animal Planet series concluded its 15th season last December.

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