Demi Lovato's Trainer Trolls Her for Boasting About Knocking His Tooth Out

The 'Give Your Heart a Break' singer jokes that she's 'sorry (not sorry)' after accidentally punching out the tooth of her trainer Jay Glazer while sparring at a gym.

AceShowbiz - Demi Lovato just scored a tooth after a fierce boxing session. The 26-year-old singer/actress revealed she accidentally knocked out the tooth of her trainer Jay Glazer during training on Tuesday morning, March 5 at a gym while he was wearing a mouth piece.

Clearly not embarrassed by her mishap, the former Disney star bragged about it on Instagram. She shared a video of Jay ringing the bell to show his tooth and announcing, "Demi knocked my tooth out!" Demi giggled and said, "I'm sorry," to which Jay playfully responded, "She's not sorry," before hugging the "Sorry Not Sorry" songstress.

"Holy s**t I literally knocked @jayglazer's tooth out during training this morning - while he was wearing a mouth piece!!!! Hahahahaha sorry (not sorry) Jay!!!" Demi captioned the video. She cheekily added, "So coach, when's my first fight?!"

Sharing the same video on his own Instagram account, Jay playfully hit back at Demi. "@ddlovato sooooo sorry not sorry she knocked my tooth out today sparring WITH MY MOUTHPIECE IN!! Andddd yes then not-so-casually gloats about it," he wrote. "Ahhh the crazy s**t that goes on inside our doors at @unbreakableperformance."

He jokingly shared his solution for the gap in his smile, "Oh, and for those who are so concerned about the condition of my beautiful smile have no fear... I #crazyglued my tooth back in! Hey crazy glue call me, perfect campaign. Hahahahaha."

Meanwhile, the gym Unbreakable Performance's official Instagram page posted the video along with a funny caption which read, "The crazy stuff that goes on inside our doors!!! Yes, Demi is a lovable gangster... who we love even more for gloating about her achievement hahahahaha. #weareunbreakable... but Jay's teeth aren't."

The video comes a day after ET Online reported that Demi "is still sober and committed to her sobriety," eight months after she was hospitalized for an apparent overdose in July. A source told the site that the "Camp Rock" star cut ties with everyone on her team and has started fresh.

She's reportedly living in a condo near an outpatient facility in Los Angeles and had to return to the inpatient facility for short stints over the last few months, but she has been doing really well for the past 30 days.

Demi is allegedly ready to get back on stage and with the Jonas Brothers' recent reunion, there's rumor that she might be joining them on their tour. "Demi joining the Jonas Brothers is very much a possibility, but nothing is confirmed at the moment," said the source.

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