Watch: Steve Carell Catches Jenna Fischer Completely by Surprise for Her Birthday
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During an appearance on 'Busy Tonight', the former star of 'The Office' gets to open gifts sent by her co-stars for her upcoming 45th birthday, but one in particular sends her screaming, 'Oh my God!'

AceShowbiz - Steve Carell surprised an emotional Jenna Fischer for her birthday.

During an appearance on Busy Philipps' talk show, "Busy Tonight", Jenna opened gifts from her former "The Office" co-stars to celebrate her upcoming 45th birthday.

And while Ellie Kemper, Angela Kinsey, and Ed Helms all sent presents - including a banjo - to Jenna, it was Steve's surprise that tipped the "Splitting Up Together" star over the edge.

"This is your final one, and it's really big," Busy said as she directed Jenna to a giant box.

The women counted to three and ripped the lid off the box to uncover the 56-year-old actor hiding inside.

"Oh my God!" Jenna yelled. "I wasn't expecting a human being to be in the box, and on top of that I wasn't expecting that human being to be Steve."

"I'm really sorry," the "Foxcatcher" star laughed, and the pair embraced as an overwhelmed Jenna began to cry.

In a post on Instagram, Busy shared the clip from the show, revealing Steve as the mystery present in the box.

"This is the most surprised I've ever been. OMG. The best," Jenna wrote in the comments.

"The Office" ran for nine seasons from 2005 to 2013, and fans have clamoured for the show to be rebooted.

However, when asked back in November (2018) if he would reprise his role as bumbling office manager Michael Scott in the much-loved U.S. sitcom, Steve was quick to shoot down the rumours.

"It was a great experience. I love all those people, but I just don't think it's the best idea. I think maybe we should just leave it alone," he explained.

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