Chrissy Teigen Has Most Hilarious Response to Kim Kardashian's Valentine's Day Present
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Kanye West's Kenny G surprise for his wife sparks the 'Lip Sync Battle' co-host's curiosity about one thing.

AceShowbiz - Kanye West's Valentine's Day surprise for Kim Kardashian that involved Kenny G has left people in awe. But Chrissy Teigen's response sums up the most important question that was also lingering on fans' mind - How did he get out of the room full of roses in vases?

The 33-year-old model and cookbook author was one of Twitter users who weighed in on Kim's extravagant Valentine's Day present. Never too afraid to speak up her mind, the wife of John Legend hilariously commented on Kim's video, "did Kenny have to stand there while the flowers were being set up? How did he get out? we need more info on kenny!!!"

In the video, Kenny G was seen playing saxophone in the middle of a room surrounded by hundreds of vases filled with individual roses. Kim boasted about the surprise, "NO BIG DEAL KENNY G IN MY LIVING ROOM!!! Happy Valentines Day." She went on gushing about her husband, calling Kanye the "best husband" ever.

Chrissy wasn't the only one who poked fun at the extravagant gift. One Twitter user jokingly speculated how it went down, "Kanye West's gift to his wife was to capture Kenny G and hold him in a room of their house. He is forbidden from taking breaks and must remain standing, playing his romantic sax. If even a single vase of roses is overturned, an alarm will sound..."

Meanwhile, James Corden claimed that Kanye stole his idea for the Valentine's Day surprise. In the opening monologue of the Thursday night episode of his "Late Late Show", the comedian surprised his guests with Kenny's private performance in their dressing rooms.

Ray Romano, one of the guests that night, was overwhelmed by the surprise. "Now, here's the thing Ray," James explained. "We've been planning this for ages! We didn't know that Kanye was going to steal our thunder this morning and just do this, but we thought this would be a lovely Valentine for you."

"It's wonderful," the "Everybody Loves Raymond" alum responded, "but it's just me and him. It's just us. Kenny, stop!" James said with a laugh, "He can't stop, he's Kenny G!"

When James moved on to introduce the next guests, D'Arcy Carden and the band Lukas Graham, Kenny was already in their rooms too with the similar rose setup on the floor. "The Good Place" star D'Arcy joked that she couldn't hear a single word James said amid Kenny's saxophone play, while a Lukas Graham band member appeared to enjoy it, saying, "It doesn't get any better than this, does it?"

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