During the red carpet interview, the host of the 25th Screen Actors Guild Awards throws shade at major designers for having no interest in sending her any dresses.

AceShowbiz - Megan Mullally ended up buying her own dresses to wear as she hosted the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday night, January 27, after complaining no designers would send her an outfit to wear.

The "Will & Grace" actress looked stunning as she posed for photographers on the silver carpet ahead of the ceremony in a black and gold Alexander McQueen dress.

However, while the majority of stars at the occasion were sporting ensembles lent to them by high fashion names, Megan turned to the Internet to find her perfect outfit.

"This is mine, I bought this online. It's Alexander McQueen. I'm wearing two different dresses in the show that I bought online," she told Entertainment Tonight.

She added to Access Hollywood, "I always pick out clothes online and buy my own stuff because first of all I like it because I can just wear what I want to wear but also the major designers are not interested in sending me any dresses."

Despite her previous complaint that she never gets sent any dresses from designers, which went viral on Twitter after she posted it in December, Megan explained that McQueen had sent her a couple of options, but ultimately she went with the look she bought online.

"I said I am literally hosting. There is a 100 per cent chance that I will be on camera. But people were like, 'No, no thanks,' " she revealed. "But that's OK. I think it's funny but I think it's interesting for people to know that because I think everybody in the general public thinks well everybody is getting dresses thrown at them left and right, but that's not actually the case. But I'm not bitter about it at all. I'm actually glad I don't have to deal with a lot of different personalities. I can just go online and be like, 'I like that one!' "

Christian Siriano and Marc Bouwer also stepped in and offered to dress Megan after her initial tweet.

Megan isn't the only star to complain about the unfair discrimination by fashion designers. Singer Bebe Rexha took to Instagram last week to admit she was struggling to find an outfit to wear to the upcoming Grammy Awards because nobody would dress her as she's a size eight (U.K. size 12).

And screen star Megan insisted Bebe's situation is "s**t."

"I don't like it. If you're not the right age or not the right size or not the right level of coolness or whatever it is, I mean I think it should be a little more egalitarian," she mused.

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