After POTUS posts on Twitter a clip of them singing the theme song of the 1960s sitcom, the actress admits she wants to hide in a hole.

AceShowbiz - It usually takes a lot of effort to embarrass a comedian, but it appears Donald Trump manages to do it just fine when he shared on Twitter a throwback video on Thursday, December 20 to mark the signing of the Agriculture Improvement Act a.k.a. the Farm Bill. It successfully made Megan Mullally want to dig herself into a hole and never come out.

The clip was taken from the 2005 Emmy Awards when Trump and Mullally performed a theme song for "Green Acres", the 1960s sitcom about a New Yorker who left everything behind to run his own farm. Trump was seen wearing a farm hat and overalls while carrying a pitchfork and trying to carry a tune. The "Will & Grace" star, meanwhile, channeled her inner Karen as she reluctantly tried to harmonize with the then-businessman.

As if that wasn't awkward enough to watch, the clip ended with the now-POTUS kissing Mullally on the cheek.

It didn't take too long for Mullally to catch wind of the tweet, and as one would expect, she wasn't so thrilled to revisit this particular moment. She was so embarrassed she wanted to hide in a hole forever. "omg," she tweeted in response to the clip, before adding in another tweet, "if you guys need me, i'll be in a hole in the ground." She also added a dizzy face, a death skull and a hand waving goodbye emojis.

Earlier this year, Mullally revealed that the duet "wasn't something I would even normally do" because she thought that "those things are stupid." The host of 25 SAG Awards elaborated, "It was at the height of the popularity of 'The Apprentice'. Everybody was going, 'You're fired.' Everybody was doing that, it was kind of in the mass consciousness."

"Everybody though he was this funny guy who was doing this caricature of himself [on 'The Apprentice'], nobody thought he was really that person," she continued. "I thought it was fun to see him in overalls and a white T-shirt and a pitchfork and a straw hat."

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