Mindy Kaling Points Out What Possibly Holds 'The Office' Reunion Back
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Meanwhile, co-star Amy Ryan shares her feelings for being a part of the hit NBC comedy series, dubbing it 'a joyous experience.'

AceShowbiz - Mindy Kaling is having an update on things that fans of "The Office" may be dying to know: a reunion. The actress, who played Kelly Kapoor on the hit sitcom, talked about the matter when she and her "Late Night" co-stars, including Amy Ryan, stopped by IndieWire Studio presented by Dropbox.

Mindy and Holly Flax depicter discussed the possibility of having a reunion with other "The Office" cast members in one form of another. The writer/actress, whose latest comedy "Late Night" was sold to Amazon for $13M, told host Kate Erbland, "I love the show. I've been surprised by how increasingly popular it's gotten."

"The Mindy Project" alum then pointed out what possibly hold them back to have a reunion. Alluding that timing was a big issue between them, she explained, "I think Steve [Carell] is literally shooting a show right now and has another show coming up, so besides that I don't think he really has time for an 'Office' reunion."

Steve Carell was previously reported to star on a new Netflix comedy titled "Space Force". Co-created by him and Greg Daniels, the new series is centered around "the people tasked with creating a sixth branch of the armed services…Space Force." In addition to starring and creating, the actor will executive produce alongside Daniels.

Meanwhile, Ryan shared her feelings for being a part of "The Office". Dubbing it "a joyous experience," she said, "I feel like most of my jobs have been these really heavy dramas -- I go home kind of beaten and broken up -- but at 'The Office' I honestly went home exhausted and felt like I had done an ab workout because we laugh so hard all the time. It was such a wonderful experience."

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