Kim Kardashian Warns Rob of Alexis Skyy, Worries About Dream's Well-Being
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The KKW Beauty founder allegedly 'hopes that Alexis is not interacting with Dream too much' in order not to make the 2-year-old confused should Alexis leaves Rob someday.

AceShowbiz - It seems like Alexis Skyy saying that she loves Rob Kardashian is not convincing enough for sister Kim Kardashian. The beauty mogul allegedly still doubts the "Love and Hip Hop" star's motive in approaching her little brother.

According to a source, the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star "fears that Rob's new girlfriend Alexis will use Rob for clout, fame and notoriety." The source further claims to, "Kim has been warning Rob to be careful not to spend too much time with Alexis and not to fall in love with her."

It is also said that the KKW Beauty founder "suspects that sensitive Rob will have his heartbroken by the clout chaser."

"Kim questions Alexis' motives and would hate to see someone take advantage of her brother and his famous family for insincere reasons," the source goes on saying. Kim allegedly referred to Alexis' response to Blac Chyna's boyfriend Kid Buu on Instagram.

"You really wit [sic] Rob's fat a** for love or is it just for clout," the 30-year-old rapper asked her in a now-deleted comment. "are u with Chyna to sell her coke or just to sniff it with her?" Alexis clapped back. "to answer ur question... I love rob."

While her motive remains to be seen, Kim reportedly hopes that whatever it is won't affect Rob's daughter Dream, whom he shares with Chyna. "Kim hopes that Dream is not getting involved," adding that she wishes the 2-year-old is not "spending time with and not getting attached to Alexis." The mother of three "hopes that Alexis is not interacting with Dream too much," says the source.

"Kim has fears about the integrity of Alexis' true motivations with Rob and how that might affect Dream," the insider further alleges. Kim also fears "if Rob's daughter became attached to Alexis and then became confused or hurt when Alexis abruptly disappears from Rob's life."

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