In the video, the singer plays a modern version of Aphrodite who visits a unique, all-female club during her trip to Earth.

AceShowbiz - Lauren Jauregui has even more to offer to fans after releasing her second single "More Than That" last week. The Fifth Harmony member unearthed a Greek mythology-inspired music video for the alluring single on Friday, January 18.

Directed by Lauren Dunn, the visuals sees Jauregui taking the role of a modern version of Greek goddess Aphrodite who happens to stumble across a "unique club surrounded by the earthly embodiments of divine feminine" during her trip to Earth. Dressed in a sheer turquoise feathered robe, the singer lounges with friends as they watch the pole dancers vibe to her song.

One of the dancers later invite Jauregui to join them on the stage, where she shows off her sultry moves while singing the verses of the R&B tune. "Wanna take me home, better be more convincing/ It'll take more than that to get me/ More than that to get your way," the former "The X Factor" contestant sings. "Boy, you better come stronger than this liquor/ I'm stronger than this liquor."

The imagery also gives viewers a detailed view of the cover art for the single, which Jauregui previously shared on social media. While the artwork only features the "Work From Home" singer by herself in a bed of impressionistic flowers, she is seen accompanied with three other ladies who sport similar outfits this time.

Talking about the music video in an interview with Vogue, Jauregui said, "Lauren Dunn and I truly worked hard to bring my exact concept to life. I couldn't be more grateful that the world gets to see it now."

"More Than That" is the second taste of the 22-year-old singer's upcoming debut solo album, which also includes lead single "Expectations". Of the second single, Jauregui told BBC, "It's about taking that kind of rap video imagery and empowering the women who do this work. They're stripping, but each woman's spirit is captured in a way that's revering her strength and her sensuality."

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