Natalie Portman Calls Jessica Simpson Allies in the Wake of Virginity Comments

During an appearance on 'Watch What Happens Live', the 'Vox Lux' actress addresses question whether or not she has reached out to 'Irresistible' singer offline.

AceShowbiz - Natalie Portman has quashed rumours of a feud with Jessica Simpson, insisting the singer is her "ally", not her enemy.

The Oscar-winning actress hit headlines recently when she took aim at Jessica for wearing a bikini in a photoshoot to accompany a 1999 article, in which the singer talked about the importance of her virginity, explaining it left her "confused".

"I remember being a teenager, and there was Jessica Simpson on the cover of a magazine saying 'I'm a virgin' while wearing a bikini, and I was confused. Like, I don't know what this is trying to tell me as a woman, as a girl," Natalie told USA Today.

Jessica then took to Twitter to tell Natalie she was "disappointed" by the remarks, leading to the screen star apologising and insisting she had never meant to shame anybody and shouldn't have named anyone in the piece.

"I have nothing but respect for your talent and you voice that you use to encourage and empower women all over the globe," she added.

Natalie was asked about the situation during an appearance on "Watch What Happens Live" on Tuesday night, when a caller queried whether she and Jessica had spoken offline about the clash.

Answering that the two had only chatted online, Natalie added that she only has "respect and good feelings for her".

And when host Andy Cohen praised her for the way she dealt with the miscommunication, Natalie thanked him and insisted: "I think there's no need for 'beef'. As women, we're all in the same society and living with the same pressures and we're allies."

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