In the music video of their collaboration 'All I Want for Christmas', Jon shows a long list of the gifts he wants for the holiday such as a red Lamborghini and a diamond grill.

AceShowbiz - Unlike Mariah Carey who only needs some warm feeling of reciprocal love for Christmas, Lil Jon likes to keep things real. Teaming up with Kool-Aid Man, a fictional pitcher-shaped character who smashes through the wall, the rapper recently released the music video for his Christmas song "All I Want for Christmas" and it's amazing as one would expect.

It opens with Jon getting into the holiday spirit as he sips a red drink in his heavily-decorated home. It seems like a pretty silent night, until his drink begins to shake and Kool-Aid Man bursts through Jon's living room wall. Instead of getting angry, the rapper joyfully exclaims, "It's that time of year again! Kool-Aid Man, are you ready for Christmas?"

What ensues next is scenes of the unlikely collaborators celebrating the holiday along with a big group of family and friends and they rap about what they really want for Christmas. Jon shows a long list of the gifts that he wants such as a red Lamborghini, a diamond grill, a case of Cristal, some old-school vinyls and a train set among others.

Santa Clause also makes an appearance in the epic visuals. But instead of sharing gifts to the children, the bearded icon turns into a DJ and hypes up the party. "Having a party on Christmas Eve/ And I got a whole lot of Christmas glee/ Whole lotta gifts I'd like to receive," Jon raps before Kool-Aid repeats his signature "Oh, yeah" over "Jingle Bells" melodies.

Kraft Heinz's Rachel Drof, who helped create the song, said in an interview that the goal of the song was to "give young fans and old the holiday party anthem they never knew they needed." She added, "It's not every day people hear a song from two icons like Kool-Aid Man and Lil Jon. We love finding unexpected moments to bring fun in to people' lives."

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