Jamelia Slams Media for Causing Her to Live in Fear From Link to Violent Stepbrother

Weighing on the widespread coverage of Tafarwa Beckford's crime, the 'Superstar' hitmaker also complaints to have lost a number of projects due to association to him.

AceShowbiz - British popstar Jamelia has furiously denounced articles linking her to her incarcerated step-brother as she fears they endanger her family.

Tafarwa Beckford, the son of a man her mother dated 35 years ago for a couple of years, was convicted of shooting dead Derek Myers on Friday, December 14, having been previously accused of gang-related violence, including accusations of murder, on multiple occasions in the past. Beckford's identity was kept from jurors throughout the latest trial due to previous stories linking him to the 'Burger Bar Boys' gang from Birmingham, England that received widespread coverage due to his link to "Superstar" singer Jamelia.

Speaking out about how the coverage of his crimes had affected her family Jamelia, 37, told Britain's Daily Mirror that they had left her living in fear of reprisals.

"I have never attempted to justify or downplay the magnitude of the crimes in these stories," she said in a statement. "In fact I have on several occasions, condemned it. However, these articles cause me to live in fear that someone may seek revenge on me or my family due to these 'apparent links', despite being completely oblivious to, and disassociated with, all aspects of these cases and those involved."

The singer turned TV star, who appeared as a panellist on daytime discussion show "Loose Women" until 2016, also claimed the coverage of Beckford had cost her work.

"Upcoming projects are subsequently taken away from me," she added. "I have been in talks with 3 major channels about different projects, all of which have now expressed that this news has tainted my profile and they'll have to 'change direction'."

Beckford's association to Jamelia received press attention in 2005 when he was acquitted of involvement in the highly publicised drive-by shootings of teenage girls Charlene Ellis and Letisha Shakespeare. He had previously been cleared of another gangland killing in 2000.

Jamelia's half-brother Kairo Beckford was also jailed for murder in 2004 after killing a 19-year-old man.

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