Jamelia Incredibly Traumatized After Giving Birth to Baby No. 4 via C-Section

The 'Superstar' hitmaker found her latest childbirth 'so scary' as she had to undergo a caesarean section to deliver her fourth child following a difficult few weeks.

AceShowbiz - Jamelia has delivered her fourth child. The pop star gave birth to her fourth daughter after undergoing a caesarean section in the 36th week of her pregnancy following a difficult few weeks as the birth approached and Jamelia has admitted she found the process incredibly daunting.

"It was so scary. I felt like I was in labour for a month, but the main objective was to keep the baby in for as long as possible. I just had to hold on ... I found it [the caesarean section] incredibly traumatic. And then you're recovering from major surgery while looking after a newborn," she told Hello! magazine.

Jamelia gave birth with her 17-year-old daughter Tiani by her side so the singer's husband - whose identity she has never revealed - could stay home to care for their youngest girl, four-year-old True.

Tiani and her elder sister, 21-year-old Teja, tossed a coin to see who would get to go to the hospital with their mum after Jamelia insisted she wanted one of her daughters to be there with her. She explained, "As selfish as it might sound, I wanted to share this experience with my girls. Seeing someone give birth should be a good contraceptive as well."

The 41-year-old singer shares her eldest daughter Teja with her former partner Terry Wallen while Tiani's dad is the star's ex-husband Darren Byfield. The former couple divorced in 2009 and Jamelia went on to marry her current husband. They welcomed True in 2017 before their new baby girl arrived this year.

Jamelia announced her pregnancy in August by sharing a snap of her children cradling her bump, adding in a post on Instagram, "Swipe for a Surprise, Wasn't sure how to 'announce' lol … but I thought I'd share the one time in the past few months I've looked like Smaddy Madda (somebody's mother)."

The "Superstar" hitmaker went on to reveal it had been a "struggle" to get pregnant and insisted the whole family was delighted to be expecting a new addition. She added, "The excitement on our faces is real, but the struggle has been also.( I'm sure I'll fill you in when I'm ready) Keep us all in your prayers, We're so excited, and feeling so so so so blessed!"

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